Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We sold our house and we are on our way!

Goodbye, house!

So here's the story. It was a great home for us, but we needed to sell the place before we moved to Scotland. Of course, doing so is difficult now (spring 08) because the housing market is so weak. And while real estate in the Chicago area has been much more resilient than in other places in the nation (CA and FL come to mind), it is still a difficult market.

So we get everything cleaned up and ready to show the house by the middle of March. Almost on a whim, I decided to try for one month to sell the home without a realtor. If nothing happened I would cave in, but I figured it was worth a try. I only posted the home on free internet web sites (Craigslist, postlets, etc).

At this point something remarkable happened. 10 days after being put on the market, a buyer came along and put in an offer that was just short of my full asking price. We closed May 13th.

Anyone who knows anything about real estate will quickly recognize that this sort of thing just doesn't happen, even in a strong housing market. Clearly, this was providential. God's hand was over this situation in a remarkable way!

This is just one of many clear indications that the Lord is leading us to Scotland. Where He leads, He provides.

Soli Deo gloria


Welcome to the blog of Shawn and Sara Bawulski! The purpose here is to keep everyone updated on our adventure to Scotland. We will give details about the progress to get over there, and once we make it, we will give regular updates on our lives.

More will be coming soon, but for now, welcome!