Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Answered Prayer

Hi, Sara here.  Normally Shawn handles the blogging, but it seemed best for me to write this one. 

Many people have been praying about my job situation and I wanted to let everyone know how God (unexpectedly!) answered this prayer.  In November I got a temp job in the University’s Extension Programmes Office. The job was for three months and ended this past Friday. All throughout my time in the Extension Office I have been applying for a number of office jobs at the University with no success.

About a week ago Shawn went out to lunch with his supervisor who mentioned that the school was still looking for someone to teach Hebrew this semester.  Shawn casually mentioned that I got my undergraduate degree in Hebrew and his supervisor was quite interested.  Within three days I had an interview with the Principal at St. Mary’s (the Divinity school at the University).  A few hours after the interview I was offered a job!

This Friday I will start teaching the second semester of Hebrew grammar. I am quite excited about this opportunity and a bit overwhelmed too.  It is very clear that God, in his providence, has given me this opportunity and I am so thankful.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Snow day in St Andrews

A snow accumulation of more than an inch or so is not particularly common in St Andrews.  So when we had a few inches piling up, the dog and I had to go out and take some photos.  We went for a good romp on the 18th hole of oldest and most famous golf courses in the world, and it was awesome.  Here are some of my best shots.