Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jobs, PhDs, and Grandma

Great news from the Scottish front- Sara has not one but two jobs! First, she just started at Starbucks this week. Second, she has been asked to teach both semesters of Hebrew for the next academic year at the University of St Andrews! Her teaching is done this semester save for the final, and it seemed that would be the end of it- a one-off sort of arrangement that she was able to get because the school was in a bind. Or so we might have thought. But due to overwhelmingly positive student feedback and favorable regards from other professors, she has been asked to return to teach for the full academic year, fall and spring! She is amazing! When the semester starts in the fall these two together will be a full plate, certainly, but we are grateful for the Lord's provision.

Another bit of happy news- I passed my first year review without any revisions and will continue on to a full PhD status. Essentially this review is to catch students who aren't quite ready to do a PhD or whose work is not up to standard. If problems become apparent with someone's work during this review, a student can be forced into a masters degree and away from the PhD. Most students are not held up at this review, but some are, and I am glad to report that the university considers my work so far to be satisfactory.

Finally, Sara's grandmother (Donna) came to visit us recently. It was a wonderful visit, and she was gracious enough to take us to see various parts of Scotland, including the highlands and the western Isle of Skye. I haven't quite found the right words to describe the breathtaking and stunning beauty we encountered. So here are some pictures, but even they don't do full justice.

Had I not taken this picture myself, I would think it a fake backdrop in a photo studio.
We were there, I promise.

Again, looks so good it almost looks fake.
But here's proof that Sara was really there (I was, too).
Fake, right?

No, not fake, we were there! (OK I will stop now)