Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Bawulski!

Apologies if this is the first you're hearing this news (we did our best to tell everyone we could in person), but we're making the news of our baby "blog-public". Here is the 10 week scan, taken a few months ago:

And here are some (slightly odd looking) scans from today's 20 week appointment:

Head and spine are clearly visible

Face shot with hand. This photo kinda looks like an alien or Skeletor.

The baby was not cooperating enough to give the standard ultrasound shot. So here's a nice cross section of internal organs (my idea, which Sara vetoed, was to google image "20 week ultrasound" and scalp the best one). You can see the heart and stomach if you look closely.

And we found out today that the baby forecast is a 97% chance of little girl! (the ultrasound technician was "97% certain")

Baby is due January 30th, and both mom and baby are happy and healthy. Please pray for continued health!