Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 Year Anniversary

Today (18 Aug 2011) marks 10 years of marriage for us! What a richly wonderful and fulfilling decade it’s been. I’ve dug through our picture collection for this blog post and come up with some interesting stuff- here goes.

We met in the summer of 2000 and within a few months we both knew where things were headed…


We got engaged on a beach in Florida (notice the sunburn affliction we’re both ignoring in this shot).


Our wedding day was really fun…1

We moved into a tiny, dirt-cheap apartment (I nearly typed “flat”!) that hadn’t been updated since the late 60’s…


For our first wedding anniversary we went hiking around the Wisconsin Dells, outdoorsy folk we tend to be.

2 (dells) 1st

For our second wedding anniversary, we came very close to being crushed to death by a large semi. Seriously, by all accounts we should be dead. It’s a story for another day, but in sum: apart from God’s providence, there’s no good explanation why a semi vs. compact accident like ours amounted to mere body damage to our car rather than multiple fatalities. After the accident we weren’t really up for posing, so I don’t have any photographs of us on our second anniversary. In fact, I just today realized we didn’t take any anniversary shots for the following 8 years (a subconscious link, perhaps?). 3 2nd

My original intention was to organize this post around pictures of each anniversary—an impossible task with an 8 year gap. So here’s some other highlights and events:

At least one of us has been a student for the entirety of our marriage (which, by the way, sounds more stressful than it actually was). With that comes graduations: first, me from Moody, then Sara from Moody, then me from Trinity (and soon from St Andrews!):



TIU Graduation (20)

We bought our first house…


…and did some serious DIY home improvement…


We got a dog…

Thans-Chr 029

…moved to Scotland (with only a few checked bags!)…


…we had our first daughter (and will have our second in a few short weeks!).

The only other wedding anniversary picture I have is from last year, which we celebrated in Paris!

4 9th paris

Looking back through some old pictures, it is evident that we were young and love-struck:


The more recent pictures have changed—we’re a bit older, but no less love-struck:


Biblically there is a strong and important analogy between the marriage relationship and God’s love for his people. Because of this deep love, Christ took on flesh, lived a perfect life, and gave up his life on the cross, paying the penalty due to us. This gracious love brings forgiveness and reconciliation. The highest meaning and the ultimate purpose of marriage is to put on display the covenant relationship of Christ and his church, and Sara and I have done our best to have a marriage that showcases God’s grace and love. Today we celebrate our 10 year anniversary: here’s to many more!

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